• What is Asteria?

Asteria is a FinTech company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have developed an engine that scans for cash flow improvements and lets you stay one step ahead – We call this Smart Cash Flow. We partner with business softwares and banks because we believe these are crucial for starting, managing and growing a business.


  • What’s Business Software?

Business software is the software necessary to conduct business. This means accounting, sales and bank software.


  • Scans for cash flow improvements?

We scan for improvements daily to help you manage over and under-liquidity. Users are given unbiased analysis of their invoicing. We present available actions to improve cash flow with the help of our financial partner.


  • Who is your financial partner?

We are testing Asteria together with a market leading bank in Scandinavia.


  • Why do I need a financial partner?

Your bank is a more important partner than ever. Access to capital and competence helps scale your business. Our financial partner have a strong brand with well developed invoice and cash management services to ensure smooth banking experience for you and your customers.


  • How do I know if my company can benefit from Asteria?

To benefit from Asteria you need to be using a business software for your invoicing. We currently support Visma Administration, Visma eEconomy and are launching support for Fortnox shortly. For the best experience, an annual turnover from invoicing of at least €300.000 is necessary.


  • Can I benefit from Asteria as an individual?

Asteria is only available for legal entities, you may not use Asteria as a private individual.


  • How do I sign up?

Request a demo or send us an email, we are happy to go through the process. The sign up process takes about 15 minutes. We assist you with the integration.


  • What is required to sign up?

You need to accept our Terms and Conditions which includes a power of attorney to access your business software and bank account data, similar to what your accountant use. We use Docusign for the process.


  • Do Asteria take ownership of our data?

You own your data. We access data to make analysis.


  • Where can I see your pricing?

Our partner bank enable us to offer Asteria without additional costs for the bank’s business clients. Your business software provider may charge you for third party integrations.


  • Is Asteria available in other languages?

Website and service is currently available in English only. Additional language support will be added continuously. Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish is prioritised.


  • Where can I review your Terms and Conditions?

You can review our Terms and Conditions in Swedish here and in English here. Terms and Conditions include our Privacy Policy.


  • What are Cookies and why do you use them?

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